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Varvara Fedoseev Director of Human Resources and Corporate Development
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Europlan LC
Anahit Govorin Director of Human Resources Department, "Europlan LC"
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Yulia Tereshchenko Head of Internal Communications Department, MTS
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Inventive Retail Group
Ksenia Vasilyeva HR Director, Inventive Retail Group
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Дмитрий Попов руководитель напрАльфаСтрахованиеавления внутренних коммуникаций, АльфаСтрахование
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Alexey Aleksapolskiy Head of the employee development project Evgenia Ozernaya Head of the corporate culture development department. Human Resources Department
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Polina Lapteva Head of Internal Communications, Skyeng
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Zetta Страхование
Oksana Kravchenko Head of Training Center, HR Department Zetta Insurance

Thanks a lot to the HJ team!

For any problems that arise during partnership, the team is ready to adapt to the client.

I am glad that the business and the product are new, so they respond flexibly to the changing market, listen and hear their client. Sometimes they are ready to change something in their product specifically for the Customer. It is very convenient (and recently it is just a necessity) and is rarely found in other suppliers of similar products.

In addition to the product itself, we, as Customers, receive high-quality information support on the use of the system: where to see which report, how best to interpret the values of the indicators.

What we value most about the work of the HJ team is their desire to grow with the market and for their position: by fulfilling the clients wishes - we develop as a system, as a team.

We definitely plan to work with HJ further.

Because People are the most important element we have, and HJ helps us in making our people happy at work

Anna Trifonova Internal Communications Manager, SPLAT

Prompt and well-coordinated work by the HJ team. The study was easy, interesting presentation of the questionnaire, for the first time employees did not complain about a waste of time, but passed the survey with interest. A very clear and convenient report.

Astafurova Marina HR Director

For the first time, Segezha Group was faced with the task of conducting a large-scale engagement survey for the entire Group of Companies - more than 10 thousand employees, mainly from the regions.

We were looking for a solution that would allow us to quickly access the results, the ability to work with data in real time.

Happy Job platform is intuitive, all results are presented not only in the form of texts, but also infographics. It is possible to generate and download reports both for the whole Group and for individual departments.

Content analysis of employee comments turned out to be very convenient and illustrative.

The methodology allows you to measure the rate of engagement, loyalty, satisfaction, eNPS. And also Happy Index - an indicator that shows both engaged and loyal employees at the same time.

Segezha Group
Maria Lunegova Head of Internal Communications and Work

In 2017, we switched to the Happy Job platform to conduct a quarterly customized survey to assess the quality of internal service (ICS) of the back-office functions of Rostelecom. The complexity of the project lies in the dynamic structure of our company and, as a result, the introduction of constant changes in the process of collecting information, analytics and reporting. I would like to note the professionalism of Happy Job employees, who are focused on results and obtaining high-quality data. Technical support responds promptly to difficult situations and finds balanced solutions. Conducting such surveys allows us to dynamically track the indicator of the quality of internal services within the company and work on improving it. The KBC indicator is given a lot of attention by the companys management, since the quality of the provision of services to external clients depends on the coordination of work between functions.

Alexey Pavlenko Director of Operations Management Department, HR Rostelecom

We have received a lot of positive feedback from both regular employees and top management. The gamified format, combined with the ""human"" formulation of questions, is perceived quite easily and takes little time to complete. One of the real reviews from a top manager: “Colleagues have very positively received the new platform. The user-friendly interface was praised, the questions were clearly formulated and even the completion of the survey became another engaging element. In general, I never had to ask / remind employees to complete the survey.

Tishchenko Mariya Senior Project Management Manager, Beeline

My partnership with Happy Job started at a difficult time for everyone - in December, and a difficult time for me personally - I joined my new company 2 weeks ago and had the urgent task of launching an engagement survey.

Having said that, I was totally unsatisfied with the provider my new company was currently working with.

Thanks to the commitment of Happy Job colleagues, we quickly worked together to negotiate a contract, IT services, and most importantly, the content of the survey. The Happy Job employees were flexible and accommodating to all my personalised requests and made any necessary additions to the survey.

As a result, the survey was done in time!

But even more satisfying was the support of my colleagues after the official completion of the survey; for probably 2-3 months afterwards we kept in touch, I asked for one type of report and another - and I always received a friendly response, a desire to help and the implementation of my request.

It is absolutely certain that in the new year we will repeat the survey with Happy Job. The provider has established itself as a quality, efficient, loyal, friendly partner!

Zetta Insurance
Oksana Kravchenko Head of Training Center,
HR Department Zetta Insurance

We express our gratitude to Happy Job for the work done. Twice we turned to your service, and in both cases the result met expectations.

Special thanks to the companys specialists for their timely feedback and flexibility and loyalty in the face of a changing situation.

Kotlyarova Margarita Ruslanovna Director of Human Resources and Social Policy, Phosagro

According to the metric “Setting up processes” and thanks to the system of standardization of business processes in the Company already in force at that time, we managed to correct some processes, clarify the responsibility and level of understanding of colleagues processes.

Transneftyenergo LLC
Natalya Zheltovskaya Head of HR Department, Transneftyenergo LLC

The engagement survey allows you to ""measure"" the mood of employees and not just understand the atmosphere in the team, but confirm the conclusions with specific numbers. In the first year, we conducted the survey quarterly. For us, this is a very dynamic story and an effective tool for work. Based on the results of each survey, we develop an action plan, put it into practice and move on.

Aleksandrova Alena Yurievna Internal Communications Manager

We liked the user-friendly format, the quick response to and correction of client mistakes, the totally client-centred approach, the layout of the work: the survey itself and the reports.

I share my positive impressions with my colleagues in the HR Hub and am happy to boldly recommend cooperation with Happy Job, knowing that my colleagues will be grateful for the recommendation and will be satisfied with the service.

Hotger Corporation
Inna Ostapenko HR manager, Hotger Corporation

We have been working with Happy Job since 2019 with an internal service survey. The company representatives supported our survey methodology and helped us choose the best solution for its implementation. The positive attitude towards feedback allowed us to improve the survey over several quarters, gradually making it more and more user-friendly and functional.

Our employees noted the convenient and beautiful interface of the survey, and the managers liked the reports and statistics in their personal account.

Bank opening
Irina Verigina Head of EMPLOYEE Assessment and Talent Management
Bank opening

We chose the Happy Job platform to conduct engagement surveys.

Why? The first perk is the high-quality gamification and visualisation, which makes it possible to complete the engagement survey in 10-15 minutes from any gadget, without getting bored with the large number of questions. We have received a huge amount of positive feedback from employees confirming this benefit.

The second is the competent operational support of the Happy Job team. Not a single request remains unprocessed, we work in real time.

The third is a convenient, understandable report with research results in the personal account of managers. You can form and print the results of the survey, quickly evaluate the result and develop an action plan, which is convenient for users.

Thanks to the Happy Job team for their professional approach and flexibility.

Ekaterina Gracheva Head of the Employer Brand Development Department Alfa-Bank

Dear Colleagues. On behalf of X5, we express our sincere gratitude for the work done within the CSI X5 project. Thank you for your engagement and attention, for your professionalism. We appreciate your endless helpfulness and 24/7 response. And we appreciate your understanding and flexibility regarding the implementation of the technical requirements.

Ekaterina Zabelin Head of Process Optimization and Change Implementation, X5 RETAIL GROUP

Its cool when you can decompose all the components of an employees life into atoms and digitize them. The Happy Job platform has an undeniable advantage - an intuitive interface, a large set of analytical tools, the ability to see the top-level picture and go into details without bulky reports and multi-page presentations. And all this in one click. Availability of information for managers of any level, continuous improvement of the platform, ease of data management - all this makes Happy Job products so popular.

«Magnit» Krasnodar
Dolgova Vera Head of Research, Analytics and Intangible Motivation Department
Department of corporate culture and brand

The attractive interface aroused keen interest among the employees, the convenient filling mode made it possible to minimize the time taken to complete the survey, and the service teams willingness to cooperate was a pleasure! The result is a high percentage of participation in the survey and more accurate data on engagement!

JSC Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat
Erina Natalya Head of the EMPLOYEE Recruitment, Evaluation and Development Department. JSC Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat

From January 20 to January 31, 2020, we conducted an engagement survey with Happy Job.

Individual reports for each manager are very convenient, they allow you to dive in and study in detail the results, strengths and development areas for each department. Explanations of the terms and calculations make it possible to quickly grasp the topic, even not very knowledgeable. Our executives eagerly studied and analyzed the results.

Special thanks to the customer support team, they responded very quickly, were always in touch, ready to answer all our questions.

Everything went great! Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Inna Krivonosova Head of the EMPLOYEE management sector,

Happy Job surveys helped to qualitatively measure the satisfaction of the school teachers.

Happy Job provides full details for each block of the survey - this helps to see the most pressing issues, sort them by project and priority. The schedule of notifications is fine-tuned - messages are sent at a clearly specified time, the second push goes exclusively to those who did not pass the survey. I want to specially compliment the high level of visual analytics: its intuitive and easy to use. The results are easy to generate a report for the workgroup and show them clearly.

The Happy Job team has always been helpful, making all the changes on time and being involved in the results of the survey. Thank you very much!

Viktoriya Kolesnik Project Implementation Manager

In the fall, our company conducted engagement surveys on the Happy Job platform.

The staff liked the unusual combination of questions, the design of the pictures, and the opportunity to be heard. It was easy for us to track statistics, report results in real time, and upload analytics in a convenient format at the click of a button.

And yet, this is high-quality support from the Happy Job employees, who answered all questions promptly, politely and patiently, and was always in touch.

The heads of departments easily understood where the strengths and weaknesses of the departments were, prescribed an action plan and had already taken measures to improve the metrics.

Thank you for your creative solution, professional approach and quick response.

Tatiana Fedyunina HR Director, SPAR

The deadlines were very tight, both for the preparation of the study and for the survey by the employees. We have chosen a flexible tool that will preserve the consistency of data.

Happy job helped us to successfully complete the task. It took us 1.5 weeks to prepare the survey from scratch. All questions on platform improvements, additional downloads and the formation of a sample of respondents were resolved promptly online, Happy job employees were always in touch.

Our employees liked the user-friendly interface and animation. It was convenient for HR specialists to track the dynamics of the study progress. Also, it was very convenient to see the interim results of the survey. Company executives appreciated the speed of data provision and personal accounts.

Diana Rezapova Head of Employee Training and Development, Rusagro

For 1.5 years, I managed to organize 3 surveys for company employees. The first thing I want to tell you about is the statistics of the passage. When you tell foreign colleagues that more than 90% took part in your voluntary survey, you see poorly hidden envy. Especially when they say that for them more than 30% is already an achievement.

Why is this happening? My answer: Happy job has invented a new survey formula that has 2 ingredients - Fun and Concise. Taking a survey is like a game in which you improve your company by answering questions. And all this in 20-30 minutes.

For me, as an administrator, the followings are important: visibility and high detailing of the results, the availability of recommendations for managers, the ability to upload analytics in a convenient format at the click of a button and another advantage is high-quality support from Happy job employees.

Maxxium Russia
Ivan Malov Learning and Development Manager,
Maxxium Russia

We had previous experience with eNPS, so the staff had something to compare with. A pleasant interface, free-to-answer questions and the function ""praise a colleague"" motivate more employees to pass than we could use in the previous format.

I think that the statistics of our employees progress will answer this question for us - in the last cycle we did not complete a survey less than 80% in a single week. With more than 1000 employees, I think this is a very telling result.

Vlada Lutsenko External Projects Manager,

For the second year in a row, we have been using the Happy - job platform to conduct an engagement survey. We chose this service because it is simple and straightforward, and the survey is concise and exciting. It is very convenient for us, as the organizers of the study, to use our personal account and monitor the statistics of the survey in real time, create and upload analytics by division. In the course of the research, Happy job employees answered the questions that arose quickly and efficiently.

The recommendations embedded in the service help to determine the priority development zones for each division of the company

Timur Sabirov Learning and Development Manager,

Our company has never conducted an employee engagement survey before. Therefore, we did not dare to conduct it on our own and turned to Happy Job for help. At the stage of preparing the questionnaire, we were faced with the fact that some of the questions did not suit us due to their universality. In our company, employees are united in working groups, and often they do not have a direct leader, so such questions about the assessment of Top management lost their meaning. Then the manager from Happy Jobs side suggested an option on how to adapt the questions for our company and at the same time not lose the opportunity to compare the results of the survey by benchmarks in IT.

In general, I express my gratitude for the high loyalty to my customers, prompt feedback and willingness to help in any situation. Happy Job specialists respond quickly to emails, are ready to make phone calls or hold conferences via zoom. This is, at the very least, very convenient, and at the maximum, it significantly reduces the time for resolving issues.

And the last thing that cannot be ignored is a very easy-to-use and the most useful analytics module. Using it, you can collect almost all the slices that can come to mind: general survey results, results by department, results by gender and age, results by industry. By the way, the latter helps to form or correct the current EVP. In any metric, when you click, a decryption appears, this helps to better clarify seemingly obvious points and leads to concrete conclusions - what needs to be done to make my employees work better and happier in the company.

Happy Job - thank you very much for your work!

Polina Leonova Learning and Development Manager,
Happiness manager, ISS

This is the 3rd year Inventive Retail Group has partnered with Happy Job. Previously, surveys on engagement, satisfaction and loyalty were conducted randomly and in different formats each time. It was very difficult to track the dynamics and work with the data. Using the Happy Job service interface, not only are our employees quick and easy to complete the survey, but managers are also quick and easy to work with the results. Being honest and open with our employees about the reports generated by the service, we not only reinforced our values in the company (honesty, respect and trust), but also laid the foundation for trust in the use of the service. Survey preparation, personalized settings and reporting are key features of this service, which in turn is the most user-friendly for the process administrators who are the link between the company and Happy Job.

Inventive retail group
Maria Reznik Head of Corporate Culture and Internal Communications, Inventive Retail Group

This is the first time that Happy Job and I have conducted an engagement survey. Despite the holiday season (August), the participation rate was quite high. Everyone liked the interactive format, easy simple questions, funny illustrations of questions.

Convenient and easy system for uploading reports, which is very important for us for analyzing and planning steps to improve the situation. In the beginning, there were slight difficulties in mastering a personal account, but then they learned and got used to it.

Our wishes by colleagues from Happy Job were implemented promptly, all on time. Corrected and added questions where possible. For non-standard situations, colleagues offered specific solutions.

Thanks to the Happy Job team for organizing and conducting the survey and for supporting even after the survey. And also for organizing a presentation with the results together with Alexei Klochkov for our management. For a non-standard and attentive approach to all our wishes. We will continue to conduct the survey on a regular basis.

Morozova Tatiana Head of the EMPLOYEE development department
and internal communications

Happy Job is a unique service that allows you to keep the pulse on staff engagement and develop its level. Knowing how we grow and team engagement is number one priority for me as an owner and CEO.

A.A. Maximov Rokada-Med Kazan

This was the first time we had conducted an engagement survey on the Happy Job platform. Despite the holiday season, the need to adapt the questions to our specifics, we did the survey using a different methodology and very quickly adapted the questions to our company. Despite the season, we were impressed with the high number of participants. Employees enjoyed answering the short and clear questions, and were even more impressed by the game format. Many commented on the praise service and asked for similar features to be implemented in our School. What was especially important for us - colleagues from Happy Job helped us to make a report with reverse conversion, which took into account our previous results and showed the dynamics. Thank you very much for your direct participation in the presentation, where we, together with Alexey Klochkov, told the staff about the specifics of the methodology. We continue to consult on various issues and there has never been a delay in getting a response from colleagues. Thank you very much for the creative solution, professional approach and quick response.

Soloshenko Natalia HR Department "Skolkovo"

The Happy Job team made the survey as comfortable and interesting as possible for employees: an adaptive interface, vivid illustrations, the ability to close the survey and resume the survey at a convenient time. Thanks to the professionalism and sensitivity of the service team, we managed to increase employee engagement and obtain objective, reliable results. We wish Happy Job new technological solutions and even more loyal customers.

Our support colleagues always promptly answered questions, were in touch 24/7, and offered the most comfortable solutions for both parties. We felt interested in the result.

Yaroshenko Yulia Head of Internal Communications,
Advertising group ADV

I would like to thank Happy Job for a clear and convenient assessment platform, high-quality analytics available in real time, for customer focus and flexibility, for prompt response to our requests.

You are great! We plan to continue to work with you.

Elena Yakupova Head of the EMPLOYEE assessment, training and development department

Agile approach to work makes its own adjustments in all areas, including the assessment of employee engagement. Realizing that our annual survey no longer covers the needs of the company and does not inspire colleagues, we began to study the provider market. We looked at both Russian and European developers, we stopped our choice on a happy-job and were not mistaken. Elements of gamification, questions of different directions, the ability to give feedback, praise this is exactly what motivates colleagues to take surveys on a weekly basis.

Yaron Farizon СЕО MediaCom

In the summer of 2020, we conducted a staff engagement survey on the Happy Job platform. The platform fully met our expectations: the survey is packed in an interesting way, you can go through it from any device and do it quickly, despite a fairly large number of questions.

Our employees liked the format of the survey, we received a lot of positive feedback, and, what was especially gratifying, the percentage of completion of the survey exceeded our expectations.

Our executives also appreciated the platform - we held a series of general training sessions and one-to-one meetings with executives to demonstrate the capabilities of the system and discuss next steps for working with engagement. During the meetings, executives were clearly convinced that immersion in an interactive personal account provides much more food for thought than simply unloaded presentations from the system (although this is also a very useful option). The ability to see the distribution of answers by lagging metrics and compare the answers with benchmarks both within the bank and across the market helps to identify systemic and local problems of departments and to develop an action plan for future improvements, to identify development zones.

Thank you to the Happy Job team for organising and conducting the survey! At all stages of our partnership - in preparation for the launch of the survey, during the survey, analytics and coaching sessions - we always received competent support 24/7 and could count on professional advice. We would also like to thank you in particular for your flexibility in developing additional functionality on the platform in response to our requests.

Olga Fateeva Managing Director of Human Resources Department, Gazprombank

The Happy Job team made the survey as comfortable and interesting as possible for employees: an adaptive interface, vivid illustrations, the ability to close the survey and resume the survey at a convenient time. Thanks to the professionalism and sensitivity of the service team, we managed to increase employee engagement and obtain objective, reliable results. We wish Happy Job new technological solutions and even more loyal customers.

Alexandra Plotnikova Senior HR HavasMedia

Our company, JSC "UGC" is contacting the Happy Job service team for the second time. In the summer, we conducted a pulse survey on the quality of internal services, and at the moment we are summing up the results of a pulse survey on engagement.

The platform itself and its capabilities were pleasantly surprised by their flexibility, adaptability to specific customer tasks. I really like gamification, with the help of which all polls are stylized.

In our company, the direction of evaluating internal processes is only gaining momentum, and with Happy Job we managed to interest employees, having received a fairly large response among respondents. The final reports are as informative as possible and allow you to get results in different sections.

As a practical matter, if it does not contradict the internal policies of HJ, provide an opportunity to download the final presentations in a format that can be changed.

Thank you very much for the quality, individual approach and service)))

Buryakova Olga Vladimirovna Department of Human Resources Management.
Head of selection, assessment and adaptation

We conducted a survey of employee engagement in our company on the Happy Job platform for the first time.

I would like to note the work of our partners, who were flexible and sympathetic to all our personalized requests and made all the necessary additions to PR materials and the organization of the survey. Collaboration is focused on results and quality data. As a result, through joint efforts, we got a fairly high percentage of participation in the survey.

The platform provides convenient analytics that can be viewed in different sections and formed into easy-to-read reports. The platform provides recommendations for improving metrics, which our leaders appreciated.

Employees of our company who took the engagement survey note the user-friendly interface and clearly formulated questions.

We will be happy to continue our cooperation with the Happy Job team.

Knyazkova Lilia Head of the recruiting and adaptation department

We express our gratitude to Happy Job for the excellent work!

We are delighted to have a successful partnership with a high-tech company. What attracted us to Happy Job during the selection stage was the flexibility of the provider, the ability to listen to the client and look for a customised solution, the gamified approach to the survey and the excellent personal office and HR capabilities.

At the stage of preparation and implementation, Happy Job specialists provide full and high-quality support and advice. For each question, we received an instant answer, explanation or solution that suited us and helped to prepare for the survey of employees. We would like to thank Ivan Naumov for his professionalism, patience, and high engagement in the clients tasks.

The manufacturability and thoughtfulness of all stages of engagement research is impressive: from a bright PR campaign to training managers to work with a personal account and reports. 86% of employees completed the engagement survey, 50% wrote comments and feedback, we received complete and reliable data on the situation in the company according to the most important engagement metrics. Now we see what the employees value the company for and what opportunities they see for development.

It is the attention paid to the well thought-out nature of the executives personal account. Top managers and executives appreciated the quality and depth of the engagement survey reports, the intuitive interface of the personal office, and the specific and practical recommendations for working with the growth areas.

We would like to thank Happy Job for the modern technological solution of the Employee Engagement Survey!

Osintseva Svetlana Head of training and development

What I really liked was the quick and prompt answers from the manager. Flexibility and customisation, which is a great advantage.

I also want to note the high level of customer focus.

Our company was satisfied with the work of the Happy-Inc service.

Thank you for your work!

Smart consulting
Ramazanova Alina Rafaelevna Leading manager

We would like to thank Happy Job, and specifically Ivan Naumov, for the tools and assistance in conducting the Vnukovo employee engagement survey.

The Happy Job system is very user-friendly and intuitive to complete, which is crucial for workers who are not tech savvy. And there are many employees at airports who do not have access to a computer. Easy to use reporting forms are automatically uploaded and do not require the time of the responsible employees. The data is statistically processed and a variety of indicators and recommendations are displayed that can be used in the workplace.

If any questions arise, Happy Job employees promptly responded and resolved requests. A customer-centric approach is extremely important in this kind of projects.

Zil Olga Nikolaevna Head of Organization Department
staff training
Management Directorate

In 2020, we used the Happy Job platform to measure the engagement of OTR Group employees. The survey was conducted in a gamified form, which made it possible to achieve high rates of its completion. It took the employees no more than 10-15 minutes.

The Happy Job platforms survey results are displayed in an easy to understand way, with clear graphs that can be broken down by company department. I particularly like the functionality of uploading reports directly from the managers personal office.

The survey helped to build a strategy for working with employees for 2021. We are planning further work with the Happy Job platform to control the level of engagement in the team.

We express our gratitude to manager Ivan Naumov, who patiently answered our questions and contributed to the successful completion of the survey.

Shirokova Sofia Vladimirovn Head of Development Department
HR brand of the company
Department of Management

Our experience with Happy Job has been very successful! We conducted an important company-wide survey with very important results and useful insights.

The results obtained largely coincided with expectations, but additional interesting information for thought was revealed, which did not lie on the surface.

What I would like to highlight:

  • the organizers professional approach to research;
  • a detailed description of the methodology and subsequent consultations on the results obtained (the consultants always gave thoughtful answers to our questions, helped to work with the data);
  • the incredible speed of the consultants work (we conducted the research in December, during the most intense period, but we always received prompt feedback and answers to all questions). We would like to separately note the excellent work of Ivan Naumov.

Our impressions of the platform:

  • it is convenient to work with the platform, the interface is intuitive, the main points for analysis are highlighted, pop-up tips with comments on the methodology are pleasing. You dont have to be a sociologist or an expert and figure it out!
  • The platform allows you to see how the scores were formed according to the metric - which question the employees answered, and how the answers were distributed. You can analyze the overall result for the company and compare with individual departments.

We will be glad to cooperate more than once!

OCS Distribution
A. V. Antsinova Deputy General Director

We made a choice in favor of Happy Job from the first call thanks to their professional support, which continued during preparation, during and after the study.

I liked the interactive interface of the platform, the construction of reports, the observance of anonymity, as well as the availability of recommendations based on the research results, and not dry statistics.

When using this tool, you can see a customer-oriented approach in development.

Special thanks for the short tutorial videos, initially they helped us to pay attention to this resource.

Thank you for the quality work and we will be happy to continue our cooperation!

Rogozhnikova Rada HR Director