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Scientific article by Alexey Klochkov in the international journal IJSBAR

Happy Job
26 August, 2021

The article raises issues in engagement and loyalty research, the barriers respondents face when taking surveys, how the appearance of the questionnaire can affect the response rate and the relevance of the data obtained.

Topics discussed included the correct formulation of open and closed questions and gamification methods in order to obtain the most reliable data and honest answers from employees.


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The article was written in English. You can read the original publication at the link:

You can read a summary of the material and scientific basis of Happy Job research here.

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Happy Job

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Scientific publication by Alexey Klochkov in the international edition IJSBAR
The article raises issues in engagement and loyalty research, the barriers respondents face when taking surveys, how the appearance of the questionnaire can affect the response rate and the relevance of the data obtained.
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Modern digital processes for assessing and developing engagement 35 minutes
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Science and methodology

Happy Job has enriched the international practice of engagement measurement with the addition of research accuracy, interesting surveys and HR Zero technology. We improve the methodology and questions every day together with 400+ medium and large companies in Eurasia.

Scientific articles on the Happy Job method are regularly published in international journals of fundamental and applied research. Expert articles by our consultants can be found in reputable business publications.

Customer Reviews

Participants were impressed by the format and comprehensibility of the questions. At the end of the survey, the generated reports were ready the next day. And showed an overview of the company as well as the individual departments. Thank you Happy job for your professional approach and prompt feedback.

Alexandra Paramonova
Hiring and Adaptation Manager EMPLOYEE Department, Faberlik OJSC

Happy Job provides full details for each block of the survey - this helps to see the most pressing issues, sort them by project and priority. The schedule of notifications is fine-tuned - messages are sent at a clearly specified time, the second push goes exclusively to those who did not pass the survey. I want to specially compliment the high level of visual analytics: it's intuitive and easy to use. The results are easy to generate a report for the workgroup and show them clearly.

Viktoriya Kolesnik
Project Implementation Manager

From January 20 to January 31, 2020, we conducted an engagement survey with Happy Job.

The platform is excellent: fast, interesting, visual, a large set of tools and services, including tools for analyzing the results.

Inna Krivonosova
Head of the EMPLOYEE management sector, YOKOHAMA

Prompt and well-coordinated work by the HJ team. The study was easy, interesting presentation of the questionnaire, for the first time employees did not complain about a waste of time, but passed the survey with interest. A very clear and convenient report.

Astafurova Marina
HR Director
I would like to thank Happy Job for a clear and convenient assessment platform, high-quality analytics available in real time, for customer focus and flexibility, for prompt response to our requests.

You are great! We plan to continue to work with you.

Head of the EMPLOYEE assessment, training and development department
Agile approach to work makes its own adjustments in all areas, including the assessment of employee engagement. Realizing that our annual survey no longer covers the needs of the company and does not inspire colleagues, we began to study the provider market. We looked at both Russian and European developers, we stopped our choice on a happy-job and were not mistaken. Elements of gamification, questions of different directions, the ability to give feedback, praise this is exactly what motivates colleagues to take surveys on a weekly basis.
СЕО MediaCom

The heads of departments easily understood where the strengths and weaknesses of the departments were, prescribed an action plan and had already taken measures to improve the metrics.

Thank you for your creative solution, professional approach and quick response.

HR Director, SPAR
The engagement survey allows you to "measure" the mood of employees and not just understand the atmosphere in the team, but confirm the conclusions with specific numbers. In the first year, we conducted the survey quarterly. For us, this is a very dynamic story and an effective tool for work. Based on the results of each survey, we develop an action plan, put it into practice and move on.
Internal Communications Manager